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Meet the Lovely Ladies Behind the Wild & Precious Team

Written by Opalmaree Stone


Posted on October 05 2020

Well, friends. We’ve been busy over here at Wild & Precious. Busy working, busy growing and busy hiring the best gals around to help keep this Wild & Precious train moving. Without further ado, I’d love to introduce the beautiful ladies helping me out both behind the scenes — and soon, front and center in the shop! 



Welcome, Megan! Megan has been working for Wild & Precious for just over a month now and she is killin’ it, all. The ONLY reasons these blog posts are happening is because of her, along with a million other things that she has helped me to manage and organize. She’s hard working and way more patient than I deserve. 

Here is a little bit more about Megan: 

“Hey, all! I’m Megan and I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin where I majored in journalism. Apart from working at W&P, you can find me running around town with my planner in hand to keep track of my schedule where I bounce from nannying, to coaching soccer at the Port Washington Soccer Club and high school, volunteering at the Humane Society and full-time job hunting! Outside of that, I love spending time with my golden retriever pups, Maisy and Remy. I’m so thankful to be working for Opal at Wild & Precious as I not only love all of her handlettered designs and the clothing she chooses to offer in the boutique, but she is one hard-working woman who truly cares about every person that walks into her busy life.”



Funny story — these ladies keep popping into my life for reasons that are not even related to Wild & Precious and then I realize how perfect of a fit they are and recruit them to not only help with my kiddos, but also work for the biz! SCORE! Amanda will be helping behind the scenes in the shop, pulling orders and getting the shop in tip-top shape for all of you amazing customers to come shop. And surprise! She will also be helping out with OPEN HOURS which are coming soon (just a few evenings and afternoons a week — stay tuned!). 

Learn a little more about Amanda:

“Hi! My name is Amanda and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team. I’m a full-time nursing student at Concordia University Wisconsin. I love to cycle, travel and study a lot. Most importantly, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family! Wild & Precious has been a great place to spend my time away from hitting the books. I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING W&P is about: empowering others and loving this life!”



If you’ve been following Wild & Precious for awhile, you’ll definitely recognize this beautiful lady. Meg has been one of my most supportive customers and I’m so proud to call her a friend too. She gladly helped me out when I was looking for another model and has continued to do so for over two years now! Fun fact, Meg and I actually went to college together, that’s how we met. She also helps me behind the scenes doing some shopping, so she is also to thank for all the cuteness you’ve been sporting. 

Let’s get to know Meg a little better: 

“I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse with a degree in Communications Studies and I currently work as an Account Manager at Quad. I spend most of my free time with my adorable dog Oliver and my fiancé Josh. I love being outdoors, doing anything from exploring hiking trails to reading a good book (with wine) on the patio. I always have a small collection of Bath & Body Works candles on hand. What I love most about Wild & Precious is that Opal strives to make everybody and every BODY feel beautiful! I always feel so confident in the clothing I get from the boutique.”


I’m really not sure what I’d do without this lovely gal. Not only is she Max’s BFF, but she is so crucial to getting orders out. Did you know that I also run an Etsy shop? Wild & Precious ships about 50 orders a week out via Etsy, and Cassidy helps organize and package them all up. Ever receive a W&P Box of any kind? Cassidy definitely helped get that goodness to your doorstep. Cassidy was a HUGE help in opening up the shop, she worked countless orders unboxing and tagging products to get ready for the opening. She is always willing to help me out and is such a fun, sweet spirit to have around. Cassidy, don’t go anywhere too far for college now! ;) 

Here's a few more things about Cassidy:

"Hey! I'm Cassidy and I am a junior in High School. I primarily work on Etsy orders and love helping out Opal in the shop, unboxing the latest new arrivals, helping with order shipments and getting the shop ready for customer visits. One of my favorite experiences working with W&P was helping Opal open her shop in Grafton and seeing her dream come true! When I am not working at Wild & Precious you can catch me hanging with my favorite little buddy, Max, dancing on my high school dance team, studying and hanging out with friends at local coffee shops or snuggling my yellow lab, Norbert."


I know it’s not always easy working for this fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants mom boss over here. Most days I’m a complete and utter mess, but all of these women have been so patient and willing to help with whatever is needed. I often was told hiring and managing employees was the hardest part of running a business, but so far, friends, I couldn’t disagree more. Ladies, if you’re reading, I’M SO THANKFUL FOR YOU. Now, make sure to give them some love and positive, welcoming vibes!!



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    Looks like you’ve lined up a dream team! Big love to W&P!

    Posted by Sami | October 07, 2020
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    All lovely women who will be a great addition to your business. Especially love that Cassidy. She’s a doll and a hard worker.
    Cassidy’s grandma, Angie

    Posted by Angeline Burke | October 06, 2020
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