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My 5 Fave Podcasts for Boss Babes

Opalmaree Stone

Posted on January 10 2019


If you would have asked me three years ago, what is my favorite podcast? I would have laughed. Or actually, I would have laughed and then said "oh wait! Serial Season One, because that’s the ONLY podcast I had ever listened to.” Flash forward and podcasts have quickly become one of my favorite outlets to learn, relate and grow. 


Today, I share my favorite podcasts for all you boss babes out there. I don’t care if you do photography on the side, are rocking that stay at home fur baby or child mom life, aspiring to advance in your career or own your own small business-these podcasts will HELP YOU. And here’s why. These empowering women share valuable insights on how to maneuver through entrepreneurship, share your story in a way that people WANT to listen, and ignite a flame that wants you to do better and be more. So, here they are…my favorite 5 podcasts
  1. Rise with Rachel Hollis AND Rise Together with Rachel and Dave Hollis
I know. I know. That’s cheating. Two in one, but I can’t resist either of these podcasts-one for my business and one for my life. It’s tough to balance entrepreneurship with momma hood and being a wife, but don’t get me brought that is NOT a complaint. I love it, but can use all the help I can get. Rise strives to empower small business owners through blunt dialogue about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to trying to grow a business-the good, the bad and the ugly. Rise Together focuses on how to navigate life TOGETHER even when things are crazy chaotic and busy. 
  1. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher
The Goal Digger was one of the first podcasts I started listening to. Jenna is from a small town in Wisconsin, not far from where I grew up-one of my cousins is actually acquaintances with her and her husband, Drew! Talk about JEALOUS! If you’re a photographer-definitely check her out! But she has great tips on branding, marketing and also has a private FB group for her followers. When I started listening to The Goal Digger podcast, I had no clue how important it would become to me. Jenna, too, suffered multiple miscarriages and she discusses this openly in her podcasts. While struggling with mine, I often went back to Jenna’s podcasts and bog looking for comfort and that’s exactly what I found. 
  1. The Strategy Hour with Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams
I was just introduced to this podcast, and so far I am loving it. It offers strategies and goals to really start treating your side-hustle and passion like a real business. These two motivated gals share interviews with numerous other successful entrepreneurs around topics of social media, email marketing, outsourcing and productivity tips! This is a well-rounded podcasts for all creative bosses!
  1. Boutique Chat with Ashley Alderson
If you are in the business of running a clothing boutique-let me tell you-the best $24 a month I spend is on being a member of the Boutique Hub.. Wanna know what’s free though? The Boutique Chat Podcast and it’s great. Ashley works to keep you motivated through the year and provides practical tips on how to run a business, move inventory and build a brand! 
  1. Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
Another woman that I just admire-as a female entrepreneur but also just as a person. Amy shares her story of leaving her corporate job to build an online business she was proud of and one that continues to change the lives of small business owners. Marketing Made Easy provides clear steps to take your online business to the next level with emails, social media, digital courses and webinars. 
So there you have it. Next time someone asks what my favorite podcasts are? Well…they better grab a cup of coffee and take a seat because THESE are just my favorite business focused podcasts BUT I have even more to share as mom, daughter, wife and human being so stay tuned, friends! More recommendations to come! ;) 


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