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Wild & Precious

W&P Candle Seasonal Collection



If you want your home, office, wherever to smell of delicious, Fall or Winter goodness, you NEED these candles. I'm so happy I was able to collaborate with fellow Milwaukee small business, Big White Yeti, to make the dream of having W&P candles come to life! 


But I love Fall Most of All: Sweet, Cinnamon, Apple, Autumn Breeze Scent

Tis the Season: Holly Berries, Cinnamon, and a touch of Pine-all things Winter! 

Oh What Fun (Tin ONLY): White pine, Clove buds, Siberian fir and Mistletoe Berries

Available in 4.6oz tin or 14.5oz mason jar.


Prices: $10 for the tin or $20 for the mason jar

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