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Teletie Hair Tie Mixed Pack - Treasure Hunt

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Strong, pretty, comfortable and stylish - these hair ties have it all! Teleties come in three different sizes, perfect for all types and ages of hair! You can wear them as a bracelet when you don't have them in your hair. Best Part? They don't snag, tear or damage your hair! 

This set contains 3 smalls and 2 mediums!

Teleties are strong enough to handle everyday wear and gentle enough for the most delicate hair. 

Note: Teleties are final sale if the white packaging is broken. 

Use the following guide to help choose the size for you! 

Large Tie

  • Thick to super thick hair
  • 1 mm think band
  • 6.5 cm normally
  • Can stretch up to 13 cm!

Medium Tie

  • Thin to medium thick hair
  • 1 mm think band
  • 0.5 cm normally
  • Can stretch up to 10 cm!
  • Works great for toddlers + school age kids! 

Small Tie

This five pack includes 3 smalls and 2 larges.