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Each Month, W&P asks for submissions of individuals who could use some extra love to help them through a hard time or perhaps celebrate their good work and accomplishments. As much as we'd love to send a care package to every nomination, we can't currently do that as we have other philanthropic endeavors as well, BUT that's where your help could come in! You know the saying "it takes a village..." Well, my Wild & Precious friends, you are some of the kindness, most positive, compassionate people I know so let's make this happen together.

In January alone we received over 30+ submissions. Want to help? 

This listing is for anyone who wants to help us spread MORE love. Let's see if we can send everyone who is nominated a little something special. I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY MONEY OFF THESE. All products sent will be sent considering MY COST and exact shipping expense. These are not for profit and instead all in the name of  love + kindness. 

Contribute an increments of $5, $5-$25, we will use it to send happy mail to those who need it most. We will also do our best to let you know a little bit about where your generosity is headed. 

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