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W&P Grab Bags

$15.00 $50.00


It's that time again...who wants a W&P Grab Bag? I have two options this time: 

CLOTHING for - 2 for $25

W&P HOME GOODS - 2 for $15

The clothing bags will include two mystery clothing pieces (all seasons are fair game and any item - could be shirt, dress, blouse, pants, shorts, graphic tee, leggings, etc) - one thing is for sure...IT WILL BE A DEAL! (XL and 1X may be used interchangeably for brands that only carry one of those sizes)

W&P Home Goods Bag will include two wild & Precious design items which could be a mug, notepad, sticker, wall decor, card, print, magnet, etc. 


Available until they sell out or 10am CST on Monday! 

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