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A Rainbow Partay for the Rainbow Babe

Written by Opalmaree Stone


Posted on January 18 2021

A Rainbow Partay for the Rainbow Babe - all the details of our rainbow-themed first birthday party for little Lennon

Last week, we celebrated our rainbow baby’s first birthday the only way we knew how...with a rainbow-themed party! Now, we’re sharing all the rainbow products we used to make this a fun, festive day for the big one year old. 


  • Balloon Garland: I’ve been wanting to try a balloon garland for a long time. Not going to lie, I’ve always been pretty intimidated by them, but I’m here to tell ya...it’s not bad at al! We purchased this rainbow pack from Amazon and used an air pump to blow up the balloons. Max had a ton of fun helping with this and it only took us about an hour and a half to create it. It also is still up today — so it does last awhile! 
  • First Birthday Banner: Get this item (and several others that we used) from Wild & Precious. If you’re also planning a rainbow party, we’ve got you covered with tons of adorable decor! This cute banner can be strung on the highchair or over the special birthday boy or girl. 
  • The Cake + Candles: One of my favorite parts of owning a small business is learning more about all of YOUR small businesses. One of my faves? Ashlyn’s Sweet Revenge. Not only are her cakes delicious, but they are absolutely beautiful, too! Give her an idea and she will create a one-of-a-kind cake. Max got a cake for his birthday too, Survivor themed, and he still talks about it to this day! And the candles...Wild & Precious! Pastel, long and perfect for a rainbow party!
  • Rainbow Plates: Obviously we needed rainbow plates for that delicious, gorgeous rainbow cake. We bought a small pack from Amazon that were perfect for the occasion! 


Little miss sported a few cute rainbow-themed outfits on her birthday! I couldn't just choose one...

  • Jewel Rainbow Headband: Of course she wore her favorite headband on her big day! This gorg rainbow jeweled headband was her go-to accessory in all of her monthly photos. 
  • One Onesie: There are so many amazing options for “one” onesies on Etsy. Wild & Precious also carries gender neutral birthday shirts. Planning a birthday for your little two-year-old? We’ve got a cute tee for you! 
  • Rainbow Skirt: We found the rainbow skirt a while ago and of course fell in love with it, dreaming of the day little miss would rock it! It’s Hannah Anderson but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s in stock anymore. But, they DO have lots of adorable rainbow items. You can browse them all here. 
  • Rainbow Mama Tee + Rainbow Babe Onesie : I off course just had to get in on the rainbow theme. For a portion of the day, we twinned in our W&P rainbow items — which are in stock and ready to ship! 
  • Birthday Hat : We had to add one final accessory for little miss’ big cake eating experience. She rocked this “Mini First Birthday Hat” while shoveling in her yummy cake! 

And that’s about it! Since it was just us and grandma, there were no party favors, but if you give good ol’ Etsy a search, I’m sure you’ll find some additional goodies! ;) 

Happy planning!



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