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Make Halloween 2020 One to Remember

Written by Opalmaree Stone


Posted on October 19 2020

Max and Lennon in Costumes

Spooky season is here! And if your kiddos are anything like mine, the excitement for Halloween has been growing for the past few weeks — at least. Costumes, candy, what more could a kid want? 

If you’ve been following Wild & Precious on Instagram you probably know that my little Maxer Man has been a fan of costumes for a long time — super heroes, animals and his newest interest, Pokemon. This year he wanted nothing more than to be Charmander to match his soft stuffed animal he’s been carrying around with him for months. Mommy has other thoughts though! ;) 


After talking about Lennon’s hair with some friends, we quickly came to the conclusion that she has to be Pebbles from The Flintstones and well, Max, is nothing short of a BamBam most days. PLUS! Our last name is Stone...this seems too perfect. Am I right?! So stay tuned to see if Mommy and Daddy whip up some homemade Flintstones costumes. No promises, but it may happen!

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, our Halloween plans are up in the air right now as I’m sure some of yours are as well. And if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking of a back up plan so you’re kiddos can still celebrate the holiday in a memorable way! We’ve put together a few alternative ideas to classic Halloween trick or treating. Depending on how comfortable you are with interacting with neighbors and friends, (or how big of a Halloween fan you are!), the variety of ideas found below give you plenty of opportunities to celebrate this kid-favorite holiday!

Candy Treasure Hunt

There’s no better way to keep the kiddos busy! Hand them a treasure map that points them in the right direction to their favorite Halloween treats. You can write a few riddles for them to solve that direct them on where their goodies are hidden, or draw them a map! Whether you hide the stashes of sweets in your house, yard or neighborhood, this activity will keep them busy and thinking! Plus, a treasure trove of treats at the end? What’s not to love!?

Opal and Max

Costume Week 

Over the years, Halloween costumes can pile up after their one-and-done shining moment of the year. As many schools have transitioned to virtual learning, why not take this opportunity to dress up throughout the entire week leading up to Halloween? Encourage your kids to plan out a costume for every day of the week. They can re-use last year’s costume and get creative by making up their own! Yes — pajamas count as a costume in our book! The kids will also enjoy all the compliments they’ll receive when out playing in the yard. 


You’ve been Boo’ed! Ask your kiddos if they have a few friends they’d like to “Boo” and have them fill a “Boo Bag” with some fun treats to deliver *anonymously* to their friend’s doorsteps. Be sure to include a sign for them to hang in their door to show they’ve been Boo’ed. You never know, you may find a Boo Bag on your doorstep too! Plus, check out this super cute printable freebie to use as your "You've been BOOED" sign!

VIP Party

Select a small group of your closest friends and family that you have been social distancing with and have a spooky outdoor party on Halloween night! Have everyone come in costume, and maybe a few layers, to celebrate. Whether you project a Halloween themed movie on the garage door, bake a few treats or carve a few pumpkins, your outdoor, VIP invite only party is sure to be remembered!

*Virtual* Costume Contest

Who says your kids can’t get together with their friends and revel in each other's costumes this year? Put together a virtual costume party or contest for your little ones and their BFFs. Whether it be via Zoom or a text group chat, take a short video or snap some spooky pictures of your child showing off their costume. Turn your hallway into the perfect catwalk for a fashion show by hanging some spider webs, setting out some pumpkins and dimming the lights! What a great way for your kids to show off their costumes and safely hang out with their friends! 

For more ideas on how to make this year’s Halloween one to remember for your lil kiddo, check out this awesome resource: Halloween 2020.



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