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  • Giving Thanks in 2020

    Opalmaree Stone

    Posted on November 24 2020

    Giving Thanks in 2020
    This Thanksgiving will look a little different for our family this year, and I’m guessing it may for you, too. One thing that has always helped me to keep perspective, especially during darker times, is practicing gratitude. As I sit here, tonight, planning for the week ahead and feeling somewhat saddened by the change in routine life, I am also reminded of so many things that have brought me joy this year, this month and each day. I have found value in writing down these things and so I challenge you  to do the same this week. And when you do, please don’t hesitate to share them!
  • Say it With Me

    Opalmaree Stone

    Posted on September 12 2018

    Say it With Me
    Another year, another round of fall events for this mom boss. And with that comes a lot of opportunities to learn, grow and unfortunately compare! Click the image to head over to the post...